Jalapeno Bombs

Jalapeno bombs, where do I even begin.  These things are delicious.  It’s really a combination of two different recipes.  I took atomic buffalo turds and brown sugar cocktail wieners and came up with this recipe. I give you jalapeno bombs.  A cheese filled cocktail wiener, stuffed inside a cream cheese filled jalapeño, wrapped inView Recipe

Cream Cheese Wontons

Cream cheese wontons are something I order pretty much every time I get Chinese food.  I also frequently purchase the frozen ones and make them alongside stir fry. For something as simple as they are, there are a lot of varieties out there.  I have ordered them from multiple restaurantsView Recipe

Brown Sugar Cocktail Wieners

Brown sugar cocktail wieners are a different take on your traditional cocktail wiener appetizer.  Cocktail wieners, often known by the brand Lil’ Smokies have been a staple of game day potlucks for as long as I can remember seeing a table full of food at a party. A few yearsView Recipe