Chislic is one of the only foods that is exclusive to my home state of South Dakota.  However, you will find it in just about every restaurant in South Dakota.  I hope that this recipe finds those of you that are out of state and that you can enjoy thisView Recipe

Restaurant Style Queso

Restaurant style queso is something that I’ve been on the hunt for for quite some time now. I have found numerous store bought queso dips that claim to be just that.  They aren’t.  I have tried the stuff in jars, the stuff in boxes that you through in a crockView Recipe

Homemade Bread

This is an ongoing quest trying to find the perfect homemade bread recipe.  I want a dough that I can mix in my Ninja Blender that isn’t super dense and doesn’t take all day to raise.  Unfortunately, this isn’t that bread dough. Thus far, my attempts have not been successful.  MixingView Recipe