Stuffed Cheeseburgers

Stuffed cheeseburgers are a store bought biscuit, flattened and stuff with meat and cheese. I have been making this recipe for years now.  There are numerous ways you can modify this recipe.  Make some stuffed tacos by adding some taco seasoning, sour cream and salsa.  Try stuffed philly cheesesteak byView Recipe


Lasagna, Garfield’s favorite food, and another recipe that can be modified.  This recipe is the basic version that I learned to make years ago.  I used my homemade spaghetti sauce recipe for this but any spaghetti sauce will work.  Either combine it with ground beef or use just the sauce for aView Recipe

French Toast

French toast is a breakfast staple at my house.  It is something that my parents would make for breakfast on a Sunday morning.  We would usually have it with a side of bacon or sausage and a glass of orange juice.  Top it with some warm butter and maple syrup.View Recipe