Jalapeno Bombs

Jalapeno bombs, where do I even begin.  These things are delicious.  It’s really a combination of two different recipes.  I took atomic buffalo turds and brown sugar cocktail wieners and came up with this recipe. I give you jalapeno bombs.  A cheese filled cocktail wiener, stuffed inside a cream cheese filled jalapeño, wrapped inView Recipe

Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo sandwiches are something that I stumbled upon when visiting a local restaurant in our downtown.  The restaurant is now closed but this recipe has stuck with me.  It was a place that wasn’t as traditional as your regular restaurant in the United States.  I ordered the monte cristoView Recipe

Cheesecake Cookie Bars

Cheesecake cookie bars are my second desert that I’ve added to my website after homemade espresso toffee.  This is a a recipe that I found online and replicated.  The recipe called for using pre-made cookie dough, which I did here.  I will be updating this recipe with some homemade cookieView Recipe