Cast iron recipes is something I searched for when I first got a cast iron pan.  Sure, I found some things, but not the plethora of amazing foods I was hoping to find.  There was a lot of meats and vegetables cooked in them, but most of the information was about owning cast iron cookware.

I’ve also been a big music fan my entire life.  I’ve played in bands since high school in the 90s, went to college for music business, worked for major record labels and currently doing entertainment booking for a venue in my hometown.  I have spent my whole life doing music stuff in one way or another and will continue to do so.  While I like all genres of music I do gravitate towards heavy metal.

How is this related to a cooking blog?  I have no idea.  All I know is that I love to cook as well.  I also love the rugged feel of cooking with cast iron pans.  The versatility of being able to use them in any cooking environment is something that appeals to me.  I have experimented with my pans in an effort to come up with more cast iron recipes.

Heavy metal music and heavy metal pans.  That’s the only line I can draw.

I cook pretty much every meal for my family of 5 and have for the past 20 years.  I think my love of cooking came from my mother, who also loves to cook.  I’d say I was probably junior high age when she told me “I’m going to work, if you’re hungry there’s food in the fridge, figure it out”.  My little brother and I were home alone together throughout summer vacations and I basically just “figured it out”.

I have inherited much of my mother’s cooking style as well; which is basically “try something new and then modify it the next time”.  That’s essentially where these recipes come from.  There was either something I wanted to make or an idea I had so I looked up something online.  If I could find the recipe, I’d make it as is online and then assess what I liked or didn’t like about and how to change it for the better.  If I couldn’t find it online, I’d experiment with it and see what happened and then do the same and modify it next time.

I do have friends and family that send me messages and say “how do you make?” so I’ve decided to throw these recipes online and just start a blog about my adventures in food and thought “let’s throw my love of music into this somehow” because, well, why not?

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